Import sync module

We develop a custom integration using SAGE API to your Shopify Store.

The SAGE XML PromoSearch & DataStream offers a full-featured API designed to give the direct access to  distributors products and supplier database in order to implement customized end-user search tools or internal applications.

Import module

  • Automated daily product updates (newly added products, pricing)
  • Ability to update pricing/inventory status nightly or automatically via appropriate API, XML or CSV file
  • Automated Sorting of products into categories
  • Cron (automated refreshing) runs daily at night to refresh store (inc. automated synchronization of stock levels, pricing, and product details)
  • Ability to integrate image file transfer from Distributor to your site.
  • Multi-ware house inventories (there are several)


  • Multi Distributor Price Manager – it sets pricing based upon feeds – lowest cost & inventory availability. The pricing is generated on the website through these feeds.
  • The ability to create special pricing for promotions based on Category or Sub Categories to reflect a % off or fixed amount off ( for example: 15% OFF LAPTOPS for one week, or $10 OFF ALL CABLES ).
  • The ability to markup product pricing by categories and option to do so by pricing (ie. low cost higher markup, high cost low markup)


Ability to see feedbacks and orders, this allows quick and simple creation as well as management of product listings

Customizations which significantly reduce your time required for import maintenance.