Shopify Import & Sync tool

Our Shopify connector is cloud service which provides automatic product data import into your webshop. It only takes few minutes to map supplier categories using administration interface and your products will start inserting to your store. Existing products will be updated and discontinued products will set hidden automatically. 

Administration interface allows you to set what products you want to be imported and into which category in your store, set price markups for products and lot more (see list of features).

The common functions of tool:

  • Insert of catalog items– it adds the items to the store
  • Update of catalog – it synchronizes the stock levels and prices of products
  • Automated Downloading of XML, CSV, Webservices Data Feed 
  • Related products, upsell and cross sell features
  • SEO tools – it automatically generates the meta tags
  • Logs – you can see all import module activities concerning download the supplier’s data feed, insert, upload and update processes (synchronization).

Price & Inventory Management

  • Stock levels & availabilities – if import module finds a new item, it will import it. Similiarly, when previously imported product is not found in xml data feed, it will disable or remove this item in your store.
  • Multi Supplier Collision Tool – if a product exists 3 times, from 3 different suppliers, have we got the ability to publish only one of them, depending on availability or price.
  • Inventory management – ability to manage quantity of an item sold by multiple suppliers
  • Price management – for an item sold by multiple suppliers, the ability to use the lowest price to calculate the selling price and match the inventory availability to that price. When the supplier with the lowest price runs out, it should adjust the price to the next lowest price and match inventory availability for that price.
  • Minimum advertised price (MAP) pricing ability
  • Nice prices – Rounding numbers to special price values. Sometimes you need to round numbers to special values. Maybe you have a shop and want to calculate your selling prices automatically, you don’t like prices like $12.52, but $12.99.
  • Profit Margins settings– it allows you to set the percentage profit margins per category or price ranges.
  • Incorporate suppliers sales, shipping cost in the integration

Administration interface

  • Category mapping tool
  • Automapper – the automapper maps all supplier’s categories which aren’t mapped to your own store category.
  • Profit Margin settings / Mark up control – entry in percentual values. You can set it per category or per price ranges.

Order tool / fulfillment

If supplier provides Order API it should be implemented by our Order tool. The Dropshipping service saves your time with order management between your online store and wholesaler. The service automatically sends the order to the distributor’s warehouse and changes order statuses in your store, sends email alerting for important events like „order was shipped“, „order was cancelled“, „order was received by customer“.

Warranty & Assistance

The final price includes support, guidance, fixing any module regarding error in the future for free. Also, we will answer your questions about import module.

All abovementioned commands are / will be launched by automated CRON job from your server. We can help you with the CRON task manager settings. You can run that by manually way for testing purposes.

If you are interested please contact us to .