Miinto & Lightspeed connector

Export products from Lightspeed store to Miinto and send order back from Miinto to Lightspeed Retail. The connector contains two parts. Stock level sync tool – it exports data from Lightspeed Retail Store. And the order sync tool transfers each Miinto’s order into Lightspeed Retail’s Sale

How to set up and use the connector developed by eSyncer

1. Set up the connector

eSyncer team provides the stock level sync file = TSV fileavailable on an URL. It exports data from Lightspeed Retail Store. The Miinto team uses this URL to update the stock values for Miinto.


This part runs on background and it is set completely by eSyncer team. Order sync transfers each Miinto’s order into Lightspeed Retail’s Sale if the order contains Lightspeeds’ products.


It’s recommended to create Lightspeed register called “Miinto” and employee called “Miinto” to separate the orders. If the “Miinto” register exists the connector works with that defaultly.


eSyncer contact: Jakub Broz <broz@xml-import.eu>

2. Product sync

Synced fields (TSV file export):

Lightspeed fields Miinto fields
SystemSku & CustomSku id
EAN or SystemSku gtin
CustomSku item_group_id
Description title
Note description
ItemPrice – Amount price
Manufacturer brand
Category product_type
Color color
Size size
Qoh stock_level

3. Orders status sync

Each new Miinto order with status Pending is transfered into Retail with status In Progress / Open automatically. For example : 

These fields are transfered into Lightspeed:

Miinto fields Lightspeed fields
order_id referenceNumber (+ prefix)
customer name firstName & lastName
customer street address1
customer city city
customer postcode zip
customer country country
customer phone Phone
customer email Email
item qty unitQuantity
item price unitPrice
item ean itemID

Once the Sale status is changed to Completed (the Sale is paid) by store owner in Lightspeed system it is automatically (max. 1 minutes delay) reflected in Miinto store. The order status of Miinto order is changed to Accepted.

Shipping method is selected according to the custom store settings defined during initial installation.

If field called shipping instruction is filled it is transfered to Miinto as Tracking code. Check below :