Australian Suppliers

Easily import and update product data
from API, Xml or csv to your Shopify store

We offer pre-configured eSyncer App for these distributors and suppliers based in Australia:

  • Doba
  • BlueTech
  • Morris Costumes
  • Wholesalebay

The eSyncer App includes:

  • administration interface to map collections, metafields, product type etc.
  • product mapping tool to help you define your products
  • margin settings to set custom pricing
  • the dropshipping tool
  • CRON synchronization (automative sync and update)
  • log tool (so you always know what is happening behind the scene)
  • customized adjustment (e.g. assigning different product themes to different types of products)

The application is designed to interact only with the products imported by the app. therefore, there are no conflicts with other products in the store.


Our team customizes the app according to your needs and requirements. Support & Tech team is available to you throughout the whole implementation process.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your online store.