We offer the integration of US Promotional Product Suppliers like Sage DataStream, Promo StandardsAlphabroder4Over, PCNA  into WooCommerceMagento 2PrestaShop, Lightspeed family products or OpenCart platforms.

We have done a few integration of these supplier’s catalogue to our client’s stores and offering individual approach to each client to provide unique solution according to the requirements.

Sage DataStream connector

SAGE Website DataStream is a full-featured API designed to give promotional product suppliers direct access to all of their product information from the SAGE database in order to implement customized search tools for their website.

Promo Standards connector

They collaborate to create industry-leading open standards that enable industry participants to improve customer experience, reduce transactional friction, and effectively execute their digital strategy.

The eSyncer solution contains:

  • Full API Integration
  • Inventory is auto-imported every 60 minutes in database
  • Pricing feed auto-download & updates
  • Read and process suppliers categories and connect those to your store
  • CRON controlled sync actions
  • Powerful mapping tool allowing you to easily connect supplier’s and yours categories

If you are interested I can show you the demosite with abovementioned suppliers.